Hanif Panni is a contemporary artist, DJ and musician. 

Technically skilled in design, illustration and, digital composition.


Panni continually builds on his fine art background with new technologies to create bold and vibrant works in mixed media, painting, digital painting and digital composition.  


Believing that art can be beautiful and disturbing at the same time, he tells stories through his work, often adapting fantastic mythological figures to explore current themes. 


As a prolific music composer,

producer and performer – including soundscapes

by his stage persona Hanif Wondir,

Panni also finds inspiration at the frontier of fine art and music, the visual and the auditory, the complementary senses of sight and sound. 


Panni explains,

“Bridging art and music is very important to me.  As an artist, I feel the same zone gets tapped into when expressing yourself honestly.”

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